Fine Art Drawing and Online
Events to fund NGOs


$125 per entry

Belvista changes the way art serves the world

Mar 01, 12:01 AM
Online event


Belvista is dedicated to serving non-profit organizations worldwide through a proven alternative giving model. Each quarter, we hold a drawing for a high-value piece of art in order to raise funds for worthy non-profits.

Non-profit organizations are challenged with fundraising on an ongoing basis, particularly in times of economic volatility. Belvista provides a viable solution to augment their traditional methods.

We help them meet annual funding objectives as they grow their online communities, meet new supporters, and provide new avenues of engagement for their existing patrons. Our unique fundraising solution allows NGOs to focus on what matters most -- their humanitarian works. 

Our Non-Profit Partners:

Each NGO or 501(c)3 is vetted through a rigorous selection process. We choose NGOs that seek to rectify existential challenges faced by fellow global citizens in developing nations. More specifically, our goal is to support organizations that serve children, women and the environment. We aim to bolster nonprofits that promote the general health, welfare and economic betterment in areas that have yet to develop robust economies, public health, and electrification infrastructures.

Our Art Partners:

The goal of each drawing is to find a common denominator between the art and the chosen nonprofit that harmonizes values and goals of both the nonprofit(s) and the high-value piece of art.

Image by Mike Von


1. NGOs are Selected

We have selected the first of two NGOs. Moving forward, we invite nominations from our community.

2. Artwork is Curated

We have curate art that perfectly blends the humanitarian work of our beneficiary NGOs. Artist suggestions are invited for future events. Artwork is authenticated and valuation verified.

3. Drawing Logistics

Our art drawings are processed through the National Sweepstakes Company and proceeds are tracked in real time. 

4. Random Drawing

National Sweepstakes Company will provide a verified random drawing result as well as provide legal and logistics support for each participating territory.

5. Delivery of Artwork

Belvista provides a certified valuation for each piece that is also tokenized to ensure transparent ownership through a non fungible token per drawing.

6. 80% to NGOs

After cost of raffle, 80% of proceeds will be remitted by a 3rd party fiduciary on a pro-rata basis.



March 2022 Happenings

Friday, March 4, 2022

10:00am PST

Meet the NGOs

Friday, March 11, 2022

Meet the Artist | Vernissage

EurAsia Heart Foundation



Zoom event

Friday, March 18, 2022


Public Online Exhibition

Thru end of raffle


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Belvista has contracted National Sweepstakes Company, LLC provides turn-key promotion administration & management of raffles, contests, games, offers, and rebates for agencies and brands worldwide with raffle administration, promotion assistance, state bonding,  registrations and the full gamut of legal and logistical compliance.


The largest source of charitable giving comes from individuals. In recent years people gave $281.86 billion, or 72% of total giving. We seek to unite these givers who share our passion for making the world a cleaner, greener, more compassionate place. If you are reading this, you are of the giving tribe -- or want to be.

NGO Support

Belvista helps solve the fundraising dilemma faced by many, if not most, non-profit organizations. If recent history has taught us anything, it is that we, as global citizens, are impacted and can impact what happens across the street or around the world. We are committed to helping organizations continue to serve humanity in their special way.